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Philosophy Of Bergson by Russell Bertrand

By Russell Bertrand

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The view in question is This is atr a misunder- examined and rejected in the paragraph on p. 15 beginning " But apart from the question of numbers, shall we admit Bergson's contention that every plurality of separate units involves space ? " Hence the inferences drawn fall by Mr. Carr from my supposed concession to the ground. The next question raised, as to the order in which we come to know the above three meanings, appears to me logically irrelevant, and it is only under protest that I am willing to consider it.

F. Trotter. Dr. Ivor Tuckett. V. S. Vernon Jones. E. Vulliamy. H. J. Wolstenholme. COMMITTEE. President C. K. : Ogden (Magdalene Treasurer W. L. Scott P. S. C. Thorne College). : (Clare College). Secretary Florence (Newnham A. College). (Clare College). H. B. Usher (Trinity Hall). : Sargant Florence (Caius College). A. L. Gardiner (Caius College). EXTRACT FROM THE LAWS. 2. That the object of the Society be to promote discussion on problems of Religion, Philosophy, and Art. Membership of the Society shall imply the rejection of 4.

The confusion Bergson, materialists. the subject, of subject and object is not peculiar to common to many idealists and many Many idealists say that the object is really and many materialists say that the subject is but is two statedifferent, while yet holding that subject and object are not different. In this respect, we may admit, Bergson has merit, for he is as ready impartially to identify subject with object as to identify object with subject. As soon as this identification is rejected, his whole system collapses first his theories of space and time, then his belief in real contingency, then his condemnation of intellect, then his account of the relations of mind and matter, and last of all his whole view that the universe contains no things, but only actions, movements, changes, from nothing to nothing, in an endless alternation of up and down.

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