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Biology of Turtles: From Structures to Strategies of Life by Jeanette Wyneken, Matthew H. Godfrey, Vincent Bels

By Jeanette Wyneken, Matthew H. Godfrey, Vincent Bels

"Biology of Turtles" is especially inappropriately titled. A greater name may were "Anatomy of Turtles, with Notes on Biomechanics and Physiology." The content material of this e-book revolves round turtle anatomy (little shock due to the fact that this e-book is the brainchild of a prior vertebrate anatomy conference), and usually bony anatomy at that. There also are chapters on pulmonary and mind subject matters and the biomechanics of limb movement and feeding action.

The writing is particularly clinical fashionable. This ebook might be a superb reference (the bankruptcy on reproductive options has an incredible bibliography) for destiny paintings on turtles within the disciplines lined. This e-book won't most probably be too attractive to individuals with informal curiosity in turtles, an curiosity in ecology and conservation biology simply, or an curiosity in turtles as captive pastime animals purely.

Some conclusions aren't saved empirical within the slightest. The bankruptcy on feeding biomechanics makes use of very moderate facts to emphasize an opinion approximately brought red-eared slider turtles, which turns an differently fascinating bankruptcy right into a joint French/Irish writer bash-fest opposed to Trachemys. probably this can be the book's trace of conservation biology?

The book's build is nice. i love the binding, the pictorial forums are great and the paper is a skinny, modern textbook kind. The print is a pleasant font, sized good and conducive to effortless examining (for me). pictures are missing in quantity and caliber for the cost of this publication. The microscopy pictures and marking photos when it comes to osteology and improvement are reliable, yet those fall out early within the e-book. the various pictures in Pritchard's bankruptcy on shells may perhaps initially were of fine caliber, yet are extraordinarily reproduced. All are black and white and are improperly uncovered such that sutures are usually now not discernable. The carapace of Notochelys is proven to illustrate the additional vertebral scute (middle plate at the best shell), but if you happen to don't already understand what to seem for, this may now not be visible. determine 8.2, which illustrates a photograph series of a diamondback terrapin attacking a crab underwater, is so small, grainy and darkish that one can't inform what is going on (indeed, I had no concept what the turtle was once feeding on until eventually examining the caption's claim).

Good reference, no longer a joy-read, principally particular of such a lot features of habit and fully unique of ecology and conservation biology. How did the numerous complete and well-respected authors confirm "Biology of Turtles" to be a suitable name? i will be able to in simple terms think it used to be a tactic to inspire this tome's movement. For now, benefit from the publication in case you have a committed curiosity in all features of turtle biology, such that the handful of these aspects included the following will attract you regardless of the wildly overinflated buy expense. besides the fact that, the area remains to be awaiting a publication holistic sufficient in content material to aid the name "Biology of Turtles."

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1 Implications for Phylogeny No other living reptile shares the leatherback’s pattern of skeletal growth. Though some lizards (notably, large monitor lizards of the family Varanidae) vascularize their cartilages as well, their osteochondral growth mechanisms are different, characterized by perichondral rather than transphyseal ingrowth and the development of secondary ossification centers as opposed to the retention of chondroepiphyses (Haines, 1969). , 1979; Moss & Moss-Salentijn, 1983; Kuettner & Pauli, 1983).

In comparison with the relationship between the age at sexual maturity and length for small cetaceans, leatherbacks that mature at 5 to 10 years of age would have growth rates similar to these marine mammals, especially considering that length in leatherbacks is only measuring carapace length and not including the length of the head, as in marine mammals. At ages to sexual maturity of 15 to 25 years, growth rates of leatherbacks would not be similar to marine mammals; however, they would still remain well above those of hard-shelled turtles and fall somewhere between growth rates of chelonids and small cetaceans.

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