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Justine by Marquis de Sade

By Marquis de Sade

First released in 1787, Justine is a vintage from the mythical Marquis de Sade that finally ended in his conviction for obscenity and blasphemy. Set prior to the French Revolution, it's the tale of Justine and her sister, ladies stuck among pursuing lives of advantage or lives of vice. Justine is a sensual and specific tale informed via the grasp of erotica.

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Sure, such a gesture might just be another form of coupledom (the binary—distance vs. intimacy). But at least this couple doesn’t promise, right away, that my feelings of disquiet will be relieved by doing what we’re all supposed to do: touch! For I’m less 456 Michael Cobb optimistic about the kind of closeness, the kind of crowdedness, that love and sex often make us believe. Perhaps another way to think about what I’m trying to say is to think about what happens, if one’s lucky, after one has had enough sex: sleep.

I’ve initiated a research protocol that traverses the ideology of the couple—which is distinct from the myriad of intimate relationships that are often the most important relationships in people’s lives, as they should be. I have to interrupt the steely, enduring logic of the couple. To do so, I have to pursue a heuristic, a tentative method of thought, that will propose that we focus on the single, not the couple. It requires taking a step away from sex. 4 Quite recently, Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit seem to do as much when they generate subtle readings out of Jean-Luc Godard’s Le Mépris (1963).

466 Ann Cvetkovich Utopian Locations In exploring racialized public feelings, I have also drawn on my other work on queer subcultural forms. At this level of daily experience and the cultural forms to which it gives rise, affective life is often central and also more complexly visible than in sensationalized media. One finds also a range of both experimental and popular media and forms that suggest models for an alternative affective public sphere. Among these, the many modes of autobiography—memoir, zines, punk rock, solo performance, autodocumentary in film and video—are very prominent as mechanisms for bringing into public view individual experiences that should be understood as collective, however idiosyncratic and queer.

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