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My Maven, My Everything by Joyee Flynn

By Joyee Flynn

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It took a little suffering, yet I controlled to face up and hop flip myself round to stand him.
He appeared up with a little shock on his face, after which with a grin he grabbed my hands. "So, nonetheless received a few fight in you, eh? "
I seemed up at him with a mix of defiance and worry, after which I felt the mischievous brat in me rear up. I swayed from side to side and struggled to damage his grip on my arms.
He laughed, maintaining me simply in his robust grip. He became the chair round, pulled me down onto my knees, after which compelled my head onto the seat of the chair. He moved my hair and strapped my neck all the way down to the seat of the chair with one other belt.
Well, I’m no longer getting up from this place, i assumed to myself.

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I took him hard but at a slower pace, loving the gasping sounds he made as I thrust up into him. We traded soft kisses as I tried to be subtle in my marking of his body where anyone would see if he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Josh dug his short nails into my back, screaming my name as he came. I followed him right over. Pumping not only my seed into him, My Maven, My Everything 31 but my heart as well. We stood there trying to gulp back down air as we came down from our climatic bliss. “I’m going to get a large butt plug,” Josh purred as he licked my lips before I lowered him to his feet.

Growl again for me, big boy,” Josh purred as he rubbed his cock against my thigh. “I can do better than that,” I snarled as I lifted Josh up and threw him over my shoulder. I glanced around and saw an empty elevated stage with a play table. ” That was all I needed to hear. I raced to the stage, hopped up on it, and laid Josh on the table. I undid his jeans and yanked them down his thighs. I thought it best not to just take off our clothes since we might not have any to put back on when we were done with this crowd.

My Maven, My Everything 33 Chapter 3 A few hours later I was done reading over our new assignment and going over with Josh how to set up the meeting. He sat there, eating up my tutelage and being an exemplary student. I made the call to the contact on speaker phone so he could hear exactly how I handled any concerns. ” I explained after I’d hung up with the contact, Gabe. Then I went on to tell him about everything that had happened the night before, knowing it was a good learning experience. ” Josh asked a few minutes after I was done, his eyebrows drawn together.

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