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Borrowed Wife (Romance) by Patricia Wilson

By Patricia Wilson

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It took a little suffering, yet I controlled to face up and hop flip myself round to stand him.
He regarded up with a little bit shock on his face, after which with a grin he grabbed my palms. "So, nonetheless received a few fight in you, eh? "
I regarded up at him with a mix of defiance and worry, after which I felt the mischievous brat in me rear up. I swayed from side to side and struggled to damage his grip on my arms.
He laughed, maintaining me simply in his robust grip. He became the chair round, pulled me down onto my knees, after which pressured my head onto the seat of the chair. He moved my hair and strapped my neck right down to the seat of the chair with one other belt.
Well, I’m no longer getting up from this place, i assumed to myself.

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You have no right whatever to—’ ‘Might is right,’ Logan reminded het shortly ‘Eat your soup. If my presence spoils your appetite then I’ll go out for a while, but escape is impossible. You came here demanding entrance to my office. You announced your marital status and the whole building is quivering with anticipation. I would know before you even got to lift,’ He stood and walked out and Abigail stared after him anxiously. Coming here had been a mistake. She knew instinctively that she had made a false move in this deadly game.

Leave the office to me. Let me know if… ‘It will be bad news,’ Abigail warned, ‘but at least it will be news. ’ She left by the back way, making her way to the taxi rank on the corner. If anyone was waiting at the front to waylay her they had a long wait ahead of them. What had she to lose? Pretty soon there would be nothing anyway and she was tired of struggling in silence. It was like cowering in a corner. This morning she hadn’t been able to eat. She had left her dinner last night too. She was not hungry, though.

Beneath her hand his shoulder tensed, his powerful muscles moving beneath the smooth cloth of his jacket She looked up into his face but he was looking beyond her, unsmiling, his face taut with something almost like anger, and saw again the command he had, the control he had of his own mind and body. There was a dominance and mastery about him that left her feeling awestricken. He looked down at her, his gaze moving slowly over her upturned face, searching every feature, his strange silvery eyes glowing like the eyes of some beautiful hunting creature, and then he smiled, his hand lifting caress her cheek in a tender gesture that seemed to torn from him ‘Abigail,’ he said softly.

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