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I Saw Heaven by Roberts Liardon

By Roberts Liardon

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These saints were smiling as they walked out on stage. All of a sudden, they began to praise God and lost all resemblance to a formal choir. Their hands went up, their voices lifted in praise songs, and they began to dance. The service was not comparable to our praise services on earth. The audience joined in, not ashamed to praise God, either. Everyone lifted their hands, praised God, and jumped up and down. The service seemed to last about two hours. No one led, but everyone moved in unison. In spite of the singing and dancing, everything was done in perfect order— everything.

At eight years of age, I did not have much of a past life, of course. When Jesus began to show me my ministry and the people who would be saved through it, however, I did not want to miss reaching a single one of them—even if it does mean living to be an old man. A greater miracle than even raising Lazarus from the dead is the miracle that occurs when someone is born again, raised from spiritual death and rescued from eternal damnation. I saw myself preaching in various places. Then I knew it was time to go.

They loved everybody. They did not care what you looked like or where you were from, they just loved you. Everything they did was out of a motive of love. As soon as we were seated, a holy hush swept over the entire auditorium. You literally could have heard a pin drop. From the right of the stage, 500 to 600 praisers walked out. These were people, not angels. They were dressed similarly to a church choir on earth. They wore robes, and everything about them was absolute perfection. These saints were smiling as they walked out on stage.

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