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Audio IC Circuits Manual by R. M. Marston

By R. M. Marston

Audio IC Circuits guide is a single-volume functional «user» details and circuitry consultant to the most well-liked and valuable of audio and audio-associated built-in circuits. This e-book bargains with ICs reminiscent of low frequency linear amplifiers, twin pre-amplifiers, audio energy amplifiers, charged-coupled gadget hold up strains, bar-graph show drivers, and gear offer regulators. This booklet is split into seven chapters that target the appliance of those units in circuits starting from easy sign conditioners and filters to advanced photograph equalizers, stereo amplifier structures, and echo/reverb hold up line structures. Chapters 1 to four care for natural «audio» topics, reminiscent of audio processing circuits, audio pre-amplifier circuits, and audio energy amplifier circuits. Chapters five and six contemplate audio-associated topics of light-emitting diode bar-graph monitors, and CCD delay-line circuits. bankruptcy 7 offers with energy provide circuits to be used in audio platforms. This guide is meant essentially to layout engineers, technicians, and digital scholars. Contents Prefacevii 1. Audio processing circuits 1 2. Audio pre-amplifier circuits forty six three. Audio energy amplifier circuits sixty five four. High-power audio amplifiers ninety one five. LED bar-graph screens 112 6. CCD audio delay-line circuits 132 7. energy provide circuits 154 Index 166

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LM381/LM381A basics It was mentioned above that N S C ' s range of five dual pre-amp ICs all use the same basic internal circuitry, but differ in minor details. 2. This circuit in fact comprises four major sections, these being a lst-stage amplifier ( Q i - Q 2 ) , a 2nd-stage amplifier ( Q 3 - Q 6 ) and output stage ( Q 7 - Q 1 0 ) and a biasing network ( Q 1 1 - Q 1 5 ) . 6 shows a simplified 'equivalent' circuit of the complete pre-amplifier, showing its four major sections. 2 V permanently applied to Q !

Both ICs are housed in 16-pin D I L packages. 57 lists the basic characteristics of the two ICs. N o t e in the block diagram (and in following circuits) that pin numbers relating to the left-hand channel of the IC are shown in plain numbers, and those relating to the right-hand half are shown in bracketed numbers. 56 block diagram are fairly easy to understand. Input signals ac coupled to pin 2 (or 15) are full wave rectified and fed to pin 1 (or 16), where they can be smoothed by an external capacitor to generate a VCA control voltage on this pin.

41 inverting ac amplifier with near-unity overall voltage gain Note in this circuit that the input signal is applied to the non-inverting input terminal via Ri, and that Ri and R2 form a voltage divider that attenuates the input signal, and that the circuit consequently gives an overall voltage gain of slightly less than unity. The gain of this circuit is in fact proportional to the value of /bias/A), and can thus be varied by altering the value of either 7 b i as or 7 D. 42, which also shows how it can be made to give a low impedance output by feeding the O T A output to the outside world via one of the I C s internal buffer amplifiers; this modification enables the R6 value to be increased to 33 k, with a consequent increase in overall voltage gain.

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