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Fifty Shelves of Grey: A Selection of Great Books Erotically by Vanessa Parody

By Vanessa Parody

Fifty cabinets of gray is a brilliantly humorous choice of your whole favorite books, artfully condensed and erotically remastered, packaged into one quantity, and ergonomically designed to be simply learn with one hand. From literary masterpieces - Jane Eyre turns the tables on Mr Rochester; to trendy classics - Philip Marlowe is a dick of a distinct sort within the titanic Sleep, through recipes - Nigella Lawson treats herself to a couple afternoon satisfaction; and self-help - the phobia will get good and actually Felt, and we Do It besides; this assortment has whatever for each reader and each kink. So whip off your glasses, enable your hair down and unharness your internal sizzling librarian.

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Wanton Wenches

“Bar Tab”:

It took a bit suffering, yet I controlled to face up and hop flip myself round to stand him.
He appeared up with a little shock on his face, after which with a grin he grabbed my hands. "So, nonetheless bought a few fight in you, eh? "
I seemed up at him with a mix of defiance and worry, after which I felt the mischievous brat in me rear up. I swayed backward and forward and struggled to wreck his grip on my arms.
He laughed, protecting me simply in his robust grip. He grew to become the chair round, pulled me down onto my knees, after which pressured my head onto the seat of the chair. He moved my hair and strapped my neck all the way down to the seat of the chair with one other belt.
Well, I’m no longer getting up from this place, i presumed to myself.

Aiden's Charity (Wolf Breeds, Book 3)

Booklet three within the Wolf Breeds sequence The forces of survival and destruction swirl within the darkest corners of men's minds. the character of the beast can't be harnessed, and survival is the purest of all instincts. Survival of the species itself is going soul deep. yet can the human center settle for and adapt as simply?

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He says. ” But it isn’t true. It’s the curse speaking, the witch’s voice behind those pretty, pretty lips. I know I could save him. Return the beast to his pretty, pretty Prince. But I won’t. I won’t. l There are many rooms here. There are rooms hung with pictures and rooms spilled with books. Rooms stuffed with music and rooms strung with jewels. The time room is filled with clocks. They chime my name twelve times. They don’t say Beauty. They say Belle. Belle. Belle. Their faces are the pretty face of the prince from my dreams.

He utters a questioning sound but does not push me away; in fact, one of his immense hands drifts to my hair and finds purchase in it. I welcome the guidance as he pulls my untrained but willing mouth down along his length, as this act is foreign to me, and I am rewarded by a tightening in his belly and a swelling throb against my tongue. But surely–surely he will not grow much bigger? I am quickly stretched to capacity, gagging in spite of my best intentions, and must pull away to catch my breath.

You and your friend. ” She leaned against the back of the plush loveseat and crossed her spike-heeled shoes. ” Han opened his mouth to say something but Greta silenced him with a look. She could feel a thread of something here, a guideline out of the 40 That Wicked Witchcraft situation, if she could just keep hold of it. The woman was severely beautiful. Would Han be jealous? When she’d rolled up and scooped him out of his bland suburban house and his senior year in an equally bland high school and taken him away with her, she barely had to convince him.

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