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Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

By Kitty Thomas

Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As a part of his conditioning tools, her captor refuses to talk to her, understanding how a lot she craves human touch. He's some distance too appealing to be a monster. mixed along with his loss of violence towards her, this has her jogging a very good line on the fringe of sanity. informed within the first individual from Emily's point of view, convenience nutrients is a story of erotic hand over that explores what occurs whilst all expectancies of enjoyment and soreness are grew to become the wrong way up, as whips turn into convenience and poultry soup turns into punishment.


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Chase’s voice was as sardonic as the line of his mouth. Dane simply shook his head. ” Irritation and fatigue got the better of Chase. ” Dane winced at the bitterness in his brother’s words. “Nicole doesn’t sleep around. ” Dane’s smile was all teeth. ” Beneath the table, Chase’s hands balled into fists again. His brother was heading for disaster and didn’t even see it coming. The laughter and affection in Dane’s voice when he talked about Nicole made Chase want to hit something. His brother, for instance.

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