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Biomass by Maggie Momba, Faizal Bux (Eds)

By Maggie Momba, Faizal Bux (Eds)

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Turley, S. (2009). Recovery of interior brackish marshes seven years after the chalk point oil spill. G. (1956). Taxonomy and distribution of the genus Spartina. S. (2004). The link between hydrology and restoration of tidal marshes in the New York/New Jersey estuary. , Zhang, R. Y. (2009). Differences in cordgrass structure between a mature and developing marsh reflect distinct N2fixing communities. Wetlands, 29, 3, 919-930, ISSN 0277-5212 Neumeier, U. & Ciavola, P. (2004). Flow resistance and associated sedimentary processes in a Spartina maritima salt-marsh.

2006; Návar, 2009a,b; 2010b). 30 Biomass Other approaches involve the bole volume estimation and then multiplied by the standard wood specific gravity value (Mohren & Klein Goldewijkt, 1990). A dimensionless biomass expansion factor, BEF, escalates bole volume to total tree M (Brown, 1997). Gracia et al. (2004); Lehtonen (2005); Návar-Cháidez (2009); Silva-Arredondo and Návar-Cháidez, (2009) reported independent BEF at the tree level or plot scales, which are developed by employing biomass of the entire tree in conjunction with bole volume allometry.

Power or exponential functions also projects tree M, although they are scarcely reported in the scientific literature. , see for example the biomass equations compiled by Ter Mikaelian & Korzukhin, 1997; and Návar, 2009b). However, Cunnia and Briggs (1964) showed that when summing the equations for boles, branches, and foliage, results would often deviate from the recorded total aboveground biomass. Therefore, Cunnia & Briggs (1984; 1985) and Parresol (1999; 2001) developed advanced regression techniques and computer programs for estimating coefficient values for endogenous variables that simultaneously calculate individual equation parameters and restrict scalar coefficients to add total tree M.

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