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A Mermaid's Kiss by Joey W. Hill

By Joey W. Hill

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It seemed lonely, barren, with the bones of the dragon and nothing else for company. But she was not an angel. What did she know of them other than what she’d learned in the past several hours? What did she know of anything? She was hardly more than a child to one such as him, anyway. Except for those few moments when she’d been far more than a child. To suit his purpose. Six DAVID sat cross-legged on a bank of clouds, staring down at the mist drifting across the alternating green and blue terrain of the earth’s surface.

Whereas the bodies of the angels they killed fell heavily to earth and had to be incinerated after the fact. C:/…/Joey W. html 30/180 12/2/2010 Joey W. ” she repeated, her head cocked, eyes curious. Jonah withdrew his touch. “I am not a Windwalker,” he said. Walking away from her, he squatted, naked and pensive, at the water’s edge, his functional wing automatically spreading to balance him as the other stayed in a protective half fold. “You’ve given me some of what you know of angels. ” His gaze rose and pinned her.

But something was wrong. Everything seemed muted, as if his finely tuned senses had been stuffed with cotton. As he tried to struggle back to a sitting position, he found himself still off balance. He straightened out his wings to steady himself and . . He had no wings. o wings. Groping at his back, he twisted, turned and found out that not only were his wings gone, but he was wearing human clothes. A black cotton T-shirt, and a pair of jeans, both too snug over the C:/…/Joey W. html 43/180 12/2/2010 Joey W.

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