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The Cambridge history of Japan by John Whitney Hall, James L. McClain

By John Whitney Hall, James L. McClain

«Кембриджская история» – результат совместных трудов ведущих специалистов по японской истории и культуре. Издание объединило на своих страницах все имеющееся на сегодняшний день знание о Японии. Шесть томов «Истории» охватывают исторический период с eight в. до н.э. по наши дни, освещая практически все аспекты японской культуры: религиозные верования, ритуалы, искусство, архитектуру, народное творчество, политику и экономику.
Это издание – настоящая находка для всех тех, кто интересуется историей культуры и истории, а в частности – японской.

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Wakita Osamu is one of the few Japanese historians to expand on this theme in English. '"6 Historians have been inclined to take the easy route in answer: that is, to credit the great regional lords with the motivation and the drive to establish a central power by personal ability alone. But the drive toward military hegemony was due as much to the existence of preconditions that led in that direction as it was to the personal charisma of the individual unifiers. The course by which the daimyo were brought under unified command, though basically a struggle for power among members of the warrior aristocracy, involved other contestants as well.

There followed a period of conspicuous spending under Grand Chamberlain Mizuno Tadaakira. Ieyoshi (1837-53). As an individual the twelfth shogun seemed an ordinary person without strong expectations for bakufu policy. He nonetheless gave his support to Senior Councilor Mizuno Tadakuni's (1794-1851) extreme program of bakufu reform - the socalled Tempo Reform. The results were disastrous and led to further weakening of the Tokugawa hegemony. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 22 INTRODUCTION 9.

Kinsei Nihon no san dai kaikaku, vol. 4 of Keizai shiwa sosho (Tokyo: Ryuginsha, 1949). Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 GROWTH AND CONFLICT 23 with documents that deal directly with the events under study. This has led to a number of new types of historical inquiry, among them the careful study of the motivations of the central actors through the use of new levels of documentation, and the application of social scientific hypotheses in thefieldsof economic, social, and demographic analysis.

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