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Emulsions: Structure Stability and Interactions by D. N. Petsev

By D. N. Petsev

Emulsion technological know-how is swiftly constructing because of its functional significance and the elemental demanding situations that it deals. because of its complexity, there's nonetheless an important lack of information approximately emulsions. With its finished and rigorous strategy, Emulsions: constitution, balance and Interactions is the correct 'stand-alone' resource of knowledge for scientists trying to receive updated wisdom concerning the basics of emulsion technological know-how and people trying to familiarize themselves with the topic in higher aspect. whereas each one bankruptcy provides a concise assessment on a selected subject, the booklet deals a constant presentation of the real actual thoughts appropriate to emulsions. * complete and complete displays * Rigorous method of each one subject, delivering in-depth info * Acts as a 'stand-alone' resource of knowledge

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The density profile for the polyatomic molecule p(r) is given by P(r) = X Pa(r). a (101) Statistical Mechanics of Fluid Interfaces 29 The minimization of the free energy functional in Eq. (99) over the atomic distribution functions pjr) and the auxiliary functions fjj) allows us to obtain the equilibrium site densities p«(r) =fa(r) J... jirUg/Xrp)] *{#l)({rp}), (102) with / f l (r)=exp[P(M o --^)]. 8 P,, (103) These equations can be solved in a self-consistent manner to derive the density profile for the polyatomic system at a given temperature 7 and chemical potential The interaction site formalism has been successfully applied to the study of interfacial properties of a variety of systems.

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