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Embodiment, Morality, and Medicine by Allen Verhey (auth.), Lisa Sowle Cahill, Margaret A. Farley

By Allen Verhey (auth.), Lisa Sowle Cahill, Margaret A. Farley (eds.)

Embodiment, Morality and Medicine bargains with the relevance of `embodiment' to bioethics, contemplating either the historic improvement and modern views at the mind--body relation. The emphasis of all authors is at the value of the physique in defining own identification in addition to at the position of social context in shaping adventure of the physique. one of the views thought of are Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and African-American. Feminist issues are very important all through.

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The mystics give a number of reasons why certain animals are injurious to moral health. The body is the instru ment of the soul, the mediator between it and the world. Forbidden food makes the body coarse and awakens animal instincts in the eater. The nearer an animal is to the vegetable world, the Iess likely it is to arouse such instincts ([20], pp. ) A contemporary Hasidic manual on kashrut argues that nonkosher food dulls the mind and heart, reducing receptiveness to Torah. If it is the job of the body to extract nutrients from food, it is the task of the soul to absorb sparks of Godliness.

We EMBODIMENT AND AMBIVALENCE: A JEWISH FEMINIST PERSPECTIVE 35 name it sacred; we struggle to view it that way in the face of everything that tells us that women's bodies are simply objects, and that all bodies are packages, prisons, billboards, or machines. In acting to value our bodies in full recognition of the context in which we do so, we sanctify them, and at the same time leave room for the ambivalence that is part of our historical and embodied situation. Manhattan College Bronx, New York.

HOFFMAN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVES ON THE HUMAN BODY: LEGAL, SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL CONSIDERATIONS Islam as a religious and cultural system is very interested in the human body. Far from dismissing it as irrelevant to spirituality, the connectedness of body and spirit runs throughout most of Islamic tradition. Only in the esoterie traditions of Sufism and Shi'ism is a significant body-spirit dualism admitted , but Sufi theories of the nature of sanctity nonetheless encompass the purity and incorruptibility of the body.

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