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Ecocriticism on the Edge: The Anthropocene as a Threshold by Timothy Clark

By Timothy Clark

1 The Anthropocene – questions of definition
2 Imaging and imagining the complete Earth: The terrestrial as norm
3 Emergent unreadability: Rereading a lyric by way of Gary Snyder
4 Scale framing
5 Scale framing: A reading
6 Postcolonial ecocriticism and de-humanizing analyzing: An Australian try out case
7 Anthropocene disorder
8 Denial: A reading
9 The tragedy that weather swap isn't really ‘interesting’

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Example text

Pdf 17 Chapter 8 of Claire Colebrook’s Death of the Posthuman: Essays on Extinction, Vol. 1 (Open Humanities Press, 2014), makes another argument about Serres, with his work on parasitism and pollution suggesting a view that qualifies the humanism of The Natural Contract, stressing the emergence of the human itself from impersonal systems of information and parasitic energy transactions. 18 Braden R. Allenby and Daniel Sarewitz, The Techno-Human Condition (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011), 11. 19 See P.

To think of the planet as either a ‘massive giant’ or a fragile Christmas-tree ball is an exercise in comparative size and scale that derives its intelligibility from our own terrestriality, even as Anders’s account must now ironize The Whole Earth Image 35 Figure 2 Christmas tree ornament. the phenomenological ‘life-world’ in profoundly destabilizing ways. The terrestrial measure constitutive of my world becomes defamiliarized and even deranged when the Earth as a whole is viewed as an object in that world.

That is, it is something illusory in which one must believe simply by being alive, just as one cannot imagine being dead without, impossibly, also projecting oneself as the imagined witness to that condition. The daily phantasm of the familiar world is both a completely normal experience but also one constituted in an eclipse of the fact that its very familiarity is more truly ‘the inconceivable, the contradictory, the unthinkable, the impossible’. ’23 In this respect, the image of the whole Earth, fragile and impossible fully to conceptualize, remains still an event and impetus to thought.

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