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DNA Fingerprinting: An Introduction by Lorne T. Kirby

Cut Into fragments with enzyme or shear O . MIx and ligate ~ Recombinant 8~ddtoDNA ) ~ Figure 2-17. bacteria 10 amplify Recombinant DNA library Production of a recombinant DNA library. 3. mRNA can be isolated, labeled, and hybridized to the library colonies. The hybridized mRNA is washed from the specified cDNA colony or colonies and expressed in a cell-free system. Antibodies are then used in the same manner as in the expression vector procedure. If the requirement is to isolate clones containing noncoding DNA inserts-for example, tandem repeats--a genomic library can be screened with core probes consisting of the repeat sequences.

5. The package must be treated as radioactive waste if contamination is detected and must be processed as outlined in the waste disposal section. The supplier must be notified and the actions taken recorded. Storage: Radioisotopes are usually stored in a refrigerator or freezer in the laboratory. The following rules apply to storage: 1. 2. 3. 4. The room or storage unit should be locked during off-duty hours. The room and storage unit must have proper radiation warning signs. Radioactive materials must have proper shielding.

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