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Histone Deacetylases: Transcriptional Regulation and Other by ERIC VERDIN


A panel of major investigators summarizes and synthesizes the recent discoveries within the speedily evolving box of histone acetylation as a key regulatory mechanism for gene expression. The authors describe what has been realized approximately those proteins, together with the identity of the enzymes, the elucidation of the enzymatic mechanisms of motion, and the identity in their substrates and their companions. in addition they evaluation the buildings which were solved for a couple of enzymes-both on my own and in complicated with small molecule inhibitors-and the organic roles of different histone deacetylases (HDAC) genes which have been knocked out in mice.

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Additional studies are required to reconcile these observations. The second complex is called regulator of nucleolar silencing and telophase exit (RENT) (164,165), which is only present in the nucleolus and contains Sir2p, Cdc14p, Net1p, and Net1-associated nucleolar protein (Nan1p) (Fig. 7). RENT is involved in mitotic exit control, rDNA silencing, and nucleolar localization of Nop1, a factor involved in nucleolar Chapter 2 / Biochemistry of Multiprotein HDAC Complexes 47 pre-rRNA processing (168).

1). In fact, many 34 Vaquero, Scher, and Reinberg NuRD complexes with different properties and specificities have been isolated (56). This heterogeneity is one of the defining traits of NuRD complexes. It is evidenced not only by the presence or absence of certain factors but also by the variability among family members of the components that are integral. The most logical explanation of this phenomenon is an evolutionary one: the proteins that were unique in lower organisms diversified to perform new specific functions in a progressively more complex environment within the context of these complexes (48).

Chapter 2 / Biochemistry of Multiprotein HDAC Complexes 37 Fig. 3. BCH10-containing complexes. This lesser known group of HDAC1/2containing proteins is formed by the complexes CoREST and XFIM. Both contain a core of HDAC1/2 and BCH110, a FAD+ binding protein with unknown function. CoREST participates together with the Sin3-containing complex in repression mediated by the factor REST, which is responsible for silencing of the neuronalspecific genes (right). The CoREST complex can bind to DNA through the HMG domain of BRAF35.

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