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Death to Diabetes: The Six Stages of Type 2 Diabetes Control by DeWayne McCulley

By DeWayne McCulley

Ex-diabetic engineer defeats and reverses his diabetes, is helping sort 2 diabetics opposite, medication and beat their diabetes clearly with no medications. This publication explains the four significant root reasons of kind 2 diabetes and the way to regulate and opposite the sickness. this can be in line with an easy-to-follow, systematic 6-stage approach, 2 hundred scientific reviews, and the adventure of an ex-diabetic engineer. This publication might help you the best way to: Retrain your physique to extend its glucose uptake and usage of insulin, utilizing five key foodstuff; keep away from the 7 most typical error that diabetics make; store time and cash in getting ready nutritious foodstuff that decrease glucose degrees; get pleasure from workout in much less time whereas expanding glucose uptake and effort point; Use your blood glucose attempt effects to lessen your insulin resistance; get pleasure from your favourite meals with out expanding your glucose point; opt for caliber dietary supplementations in keeping with 7 key standards; confirm the eight center dietary supplementations for many diabetics and the four severe foodstuff to optimize workout effects; Use the health protocols to avoid, regulate or opposite issues of the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and center; and, decrease blood strain, ldl cholesterol, and homocysteine; keep watch over urge for food and cast off nutrients cravings; application your physique to burn fats and drop a few pounds (fat) completely; Use your internal spirit to minimize your rigidity and increase your actual and psychological overall healthiness; and, paintings together with your health professional to soundly wean your self off the medication. furthermore, this e-book defines the five large meals, the five "dead" meals, a brilliant Meal version and the eight "living" components (activities) -- all designed to paintings synergistically to minimize insulin resistance, bring up glucose uptake, burn fats, and service the in poor health cells.

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With each passing day, my glucose levels were steadily coming down. (I found out later during some research that the juice from Brussel sprouts and stringbeans is very nourishing for the insulin cell receptors and the body’s glucose management system). It didn’t take me long to modify the hospital’s diet plan and develop a healthy nutritional plan while slowly and methodically reducing my insulin injections, one to two units at a time. 5 mg/dl (with less than a 10 mg/dl deviation) within four months.

The most common form is called functional hypoglycemia (FH) and is caused by an inadequate diet that is too high in refined carbohydrates. An over-consumption of refined carbohydrates causes the blood glucose level to rise rapidly, stimulating the pancreas to secrete an excess of insulin. This excess insulin removes too much glucose from the blood, resulting in an abnormally low blood glucose level. If the pancreas does not secrete enough glucagon to counter-balance the extra insulin, the glucose level is driven down too low, and may trigger an attack of hypoglycemia.

As a result, the body has trillions of defective cells that are in a continual cycle of not using the glucose in the blood and requiring more insulin, which increases the production of more fat and inhibits the metabolism and breakdown of fat as a fuel. As depicted in the following diagram, this is how many people become fat and more than 90% of Type 2 diabetics remain fat while developing other complications. CHAPTER 3 37 TYPES OF DIABETES W Wea eakk Sp Spiriritit, , NNeega gatitive ve AAttttititud ude,e, SSed eden entar taryyLLiifefeststyylele, , KKnnoowl wled edggee BBGG RRis ises es ““D Deeaadd”” FFoo o oddss EEaate tenn, , N Noo EExxeerc rcis isee • R efi ned ca r b o h y d r a tes • Pr o ces s ed fo o d s • E x a m p l es : W h i t e r i ce, po ta to es , b r ea d , pa s ta , c o o k i es , s n a ck s , s o d a , b o ttl ed jui c e • T oba cco, a lcohol DEATH TO DIABETES In Inssuulin lin SSec ecret reted ed BBG G CCoonntin tinuueess to to RRis isee H Huunngger/ er/ CCra ravin v inggss GGoo AAw waayy GGlluuco e cosse Sto S torreedd In In LLiivver er, , M cl ee CCeellllss Muusscl In s ul in re s is ta nc e M M oore re In Inssuulin lin SSeeccre rete tedd o r I nsuli n in hib its H Huunnger/ ger/ CCra in ggss RRetu ravvin eturn rn, , LLoow w EEnner erggyy BBGG GGooees s DDoow wnn (E (Evveenntu tuaalll lyy)) BBG G G Gooeess D Doow wnn TToo o o FFaarr (H y po g l y c em i a ) LLiivveerr CCoonv nveerrts ts EExxtrtraa GGlluuco e cosse to t to FFaat Phy sica l I na c tiv ity f a t m e ta b o lis m & ho m o cy ste i ne b r e a kdo w n BBG G CCoonntin tinuueess to R is to R isee FFaatt SSttoora rage ge F a t s to r e d i n: • A b do m e n , W a is t • B lo o d In Inttern ernaall In Infla flam mm maatio tionn SSpprea readdss • H y p e r g ly c e m ia D a m a g e to a r te r ie s, • I ns uli n r e sis ta nc e kid ne y s , ne r v e s , e tc .

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