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Connect: Furniture Preview - Spring 2010

Обзор великолепной мебели от ведущих мировых производителей, предлагаемой компанией Hight element industry.

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It is this juxtaposition that defines her work: interiors and products of impeccable pedigree, blended with a warm, relaxed feel for the real life of modern occupants. Hampton’s style is architecturally composed and mindful of tradition; yet, with generous, inviting shapes and a concentration on ravishing detail, it never appears conservative. Matching poise to improvisation, she is known for mixing formal principles of scale and proportion, geometry and silhouette, with earthy practicality, irreverence, and bold fun.

No charge/ no registration to attend. ) 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 15 Ways to Lower Costs, Increase Sales and Increase Profits in a Tough Economy Plaza Suites, NHFA Retailer Resource Center, Plaza Suites, 1st Floor Presented by John McCloskey, Profitability Consulting Group. 2009 was a tough year for the furniture industry leaving many companies searching for ways to survive. Yet some stores saw increases in sales and profits. Attend this seminar to learn the tricks your competition is using to survive and thrive.

Candice attended the Univerity of Calgary in Canada where she simultaneously received her Bachelor of Science degree while traveling the globe playing volleyball on the Canadian National Women’s Volleyball Team. After University, Candice continued her academic studies at the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University. Upon graduating, Candice was immediately scouted for her remarkable talent by some of North America’s top interior design firms. After honing her skills, in 1994 Candice established her own residential and commercial design practice.

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