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Barshalder 2. Studies of Late Iron Age Gotland. by Martin Rundkvist

By Martin Rundkvist

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The hor0 0 Bird se bones in the graves 0 1 0 should thus all be con0 1 0 temporaneous with the 0 0 Hedgehog U burials. The seal bones are all 0 0 0 most probably Neolithic 1 0 0 in date, as the main com0 0 0 ponent of the Neolithic 1U 0 Frog, modern U substratum at Rojrhage 1 0 0 1:1 is a Middle Neolithic 1 0 Fish Pitted Ware shore site 1 1 0 used for fishing and seal 0 0 0 hunting (Rundkvist et al. 0 0 0 in press). Seal bones 0 0 Ha re, Lep . tim. from the substratum ha0 0 Pig ve yielded four radiocarbon dates, three in the Middle Neolithic and one in the Late Neolithic.

Graves in MIGBA SE La nce or ja v elin hea d 3 la nja v Bronze sheet v essel 6 v esbrsh Sword 4 spa tha Bea r pha la nx 10 pha la nx Shield 4 shield 5 whorl Sta ple ring (VWG 1 9 7 -2 0 0 , 5 1 8 -5 1 9 ; Ba rsha l d er 1 fig. 1 0 : 1 8 Z ) Whorl, for sword stra p or spindle (VWG 2 1 7 ) 10 sta pring Crossbow fibula (VWG 3 6 6 -3 7 8 ) 8 fibcb Ha ndle comb 18 combhndl Cla sp with <2 buttons 8 cla sp<2 Stra p buck le n>1 11 smbuck 2 - Ga ming piece 13 ga ming Bronze joint riv et (VWG 2 0 7 -2 1 0 , 5 2 2 ), including pa ired sheet recta ngles with single riv ets a t ends, excluding stra p joiners (see a bov e) 7 riv joinb Arrowhea d 4 a rrow Cla sp with >1 buttons, tra nsgressed 15 cla sp2 - Stra p reta ining mount (VWG 2 0 2 -2 0 5 , 5 2 0 ), tra nsgressed 15 smreta in in Hablingbo parish, not far from Grötlingbo.

This does not, however, rule out the possibility that a few of the ovicaprid bones may be Neolithic in date. The bear bones are all third or second phalanges with the same burn state as their respective human burials. All are most probably the remains of imported Migration Period bear skins (cf. Petré 1980). Gotland has never had a wild bear population (Nationalencyklopedin, entry ”Gotland”). Bhr 1947:02, the second-most wealthy Migration Period grave known from Gotland, is unique at Barshalder in having been equipped with two 46 bear skins.

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