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Atlas of Transvaginal Endoscopy by Stephen Gordts, Hugo C. Verhoeven, Rudi Campo, Ivo Brosens

By Stephen Gordts, Hugo C. Verhoeven, Rudi Campo, Ivo Brosens

Transvaginal endoscopy of the feminine genital tract is a strong new strategy for the overview and administration of pelvic sickness. This hugely illustrated ebook information the probabilities and benefits of those recommendations, together with transvaginal laparoscopy, salpingoscopy, patency checking out, and vaginocervicohysteroscopy for the exploration of the uterine hollow space. The recommendations are fairly invaluable within the research and administration of infertility - e.g. oocyte pick-up, implantation, and the exploration of the uterine hollow space and tubo-ovarian buildings. because the use of water-based distension media is new in laparoscopy, and gives designated photos of pelvic buildings, the fine quality illustrations are a very very important a part of the publication.

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Once the instruments are in place, the forceps and speculum with open lateral sides are removed and the examination can be started. After verifying a correct intra-abdominal trocar position, the continuous flow of pre-warmed Ringer’s lactate or saline is opened and the pouch of Douglas is filled with 200 ml, up to 500 ml. 9 (a) After placement of the needle trocar unit at the right position, the springload needle is released by pushing with the thumb on the release button. (b,c) Once fired, the needle is gently withdrawn and the dilating device pushed forwards, followed by the outer trocar.

2–4 However, with the improvement of transabdominal laparoscopy and the possibility of performing laparoscopic operative procedures without a high risk of pelvic infections, the transvaginal approach was progressively abandoned. The high risk of sepsis associated with the culdoscopic approach was mainly due to the exteriorization of the Fallopian tubes. With the patient in a dorsal decubitus position, the transvaginal endoscopy can now be performed in a minimally invasive way using a simple puncture technique of the pouch of Douglas and a watery solution as distention medium.

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