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Amphibionics: Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Reptilian by Karl Williams

By Karl Williams

This paintings offers the hobbyist with targeted mechanical, digital, and PIC microcontroller wisdom had to construct and software a snake, frog, turtle, and alligator robots. It specializes in the development of every robotic intimately, after which explores the area of slithering, leaping, swimming, and strolling robots, and the substitute intelligence wanted with those systems.

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Com to make things easier. However, I recommend buying a copy of the compiler if you wish to experiment, change, or customize the programs. If you decide to continue with robotics and electronics, you will eventually need to buy a compiler, such as PicBasic Pro, when working with microcontrollers. hex program listing (continued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sing the EPIC Programmer to Program the PIC The two steps left are putting your compiled program into the PICmicro microcontroller and testing it.

Agitation assists in removing unwanted copper faster. This can be accomplished by using air bubbles from two aquarium air wands with an aquarium air pump. Do not use an aquarium air stone. The etching process can be assisted by brushing the unwanted resist with a foam brush while the board is submerged in the ferric chloride. After the etching process is completed, wash the board thoroughly under running water. Do not remove the remaining resist protecting your circuit or image, as it protects the copper from oxidation.

The value loaded into this register determines if the individual pins of the port are treated as inputs or outputs. The other register is the address of the port itself. Once the ports have been configured using the TRIS register, data can then be written or read to the port using the port register address. Port B has eight I/O lines available and Port A has five I/O lines. For example, the first robot project in the book details the construction and programming of a robotic frog. This project will use the same main controller circuit board as the hexapod robot featured in the book Insectronics so that readers who have built the Insectronic robot will be able to jump right into this project.

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