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Lectures on parapsychology by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi ; Maqsood-ul-Hassan Azeemi

By Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi ; Maqsood-ul-Hassan Azeemi (transl.)

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Org STAGES OF MURAQBAH Traveling in the free world of the Unseen, consciously or unconsciously, is Muraqbah. As a matter of law before sleeping one experiences three states. First is to grow calm, second is to feel drowsiness and the last is sleep itself. When someone remaining awake practices Muraqbah he also experiences these three states. Initially a light slumber is set over the one who is performing Muraqbah. This state, in terms of Sufism, is called 'Ganood' (drowse). In this state one, remaining in the senses of wakefulness, witnesses something extra-ordinary which a common man cannot see with open eyes, but something; a sort of hindering veil, causes it to forget.

Peace and tranquility vanishes from his life. Worries and anxieties play a key role in his life. org alive and the supply of sustenance’s should not be discontinued but the peaceful living is no longer available to him. Such people due to getting far away from God are debarred from the special favors of love and affection of God, the merciful. The method to invoke the blessings and special favors and love of God and the rules and regulation to have friendly relationship with Allah has been revealed by the spiritual sciences.

This shivering causes him to wake up, and, after awakening he finds himself still shivering with cold which actually is not there. Every one of us experiences a couple of such dreams in which he happens to see his deceased relatives. Meeting the souls of the dead people indicates that one has transferred to Aaraf during his state of dreaming. This is one of the objectives of parapsychology that one could manage to arouse that ability in oneself which becomes activated in dreams only. One should be able to command that ability which liberates man from the spatio-temporal restraints.

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