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Isaiah (Believers Church Bible Commentary) by Ivan Friesen

By Ivan Friesen

Ivan Friesen explores how the translation of the publication of Isaiah is performed and lived out this day in religion groups the place the Bible is the bedrock of religion and existence. Such an interpretation combines the worries of pastoral care with the misery and uncertainty of prophetic action.

The statement teams the sixty-six chapters of Isaiah into six specific yet non-stop elements. every one half might be explored as one may well discover the room of a home. The furniture (themes) in every one room are diversified, however the decor (structure) of the home combines to lend to the booklet an total solidarity of objective. The structure of the ebook as an entire has unique positive aspects that come with phrases of judgment in addition to phrases of promise saying a brand new day dawning. during this new day dawning, there are powerful components of a messianic hope.

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The agenda of Isaiah’s text in chapter 5 spells out a verdict on the failure of justice in the social structures of the Southern Kingdom. This continues the courtroom scene and the vineyard imagery of 3:13-15, where social wrongs are identified. But it also harks back to 1:16-31, which concludes (like chap. 5) with an announcement of judgment. The prophet draws attention to the causes of the exile. On the one hand these causes include a combination of wrong worship and general disregard of the Lord’s deeds among the people.

For the LORD of hosts has a day . . introduces a series of ten words of antipathy, each of which opposes pride and arrogance. These references to trees, mountains, battlements, and watercraft serve as metaphors of human exaltation at the expense of divine exaltation. The use of the verb lift up (nÐ’ used here in the sense of forgive) from 2:9 is developed in 2:12-16, describing what the Lord has a day against. He is against human exaltation (2:12, niÐÐa’), which displaces genuine humility. Smug security (2:13, hanniÐÐa’im) is compared to sturdy cedars and oaks, which nevertheless can be cut or burned down.

Deut 32; Isa 1:2-3; Mic 6:1-8; Jer 2:4-13). In Isaiah 1:2-3 and in Deuteronomy 32, for example, there are similar words and phrases (Rignell: 140-58). Both Isaiah and Deuteronomy call heaven and earth to witness (Isa 1:2; Deut 32:1). Both regard Israel as foolish and senseless (Isa 1:3; Deut 32:6). This suggests that Isaiah stands in solidarity with Moses, calling heavens and earth as witnesses to God’s raising up of a people and to this people’s failure to understand the One who sustained them (cf.

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