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Faking History: Essays on Aliens, Atlantis, Monsters, and by Jason Colavito

By Jason Colavito

May the tale of earth’s background be appreciably diversified than historians and archaeologists have led us to think? Cable tv, ebook publishers, and a bewildering array of web sites let us know that human background is a tapestry of extraterrestrial beings, Atlantis, monsters, and extra. yet is there any fact to those “alternatives” to mainstream background? on the grounds that 2001, skeptical xenoarchaeologist Jason Colavito has investigated the unusual, the wild, and the wacky looking for the reality approximately historic historical past. He interrogates “alternative” history’s most crucial claims to bare the genuine proof that take a seat at the back of the theory. What you're approximately to learn is a suite of 50 of Colavito’s top essays on faux historical past and fake claims, masking every thing from Atlantis to Chupacabra to Stonehenge to UFOs, or even the demonic strength of the common-or-garden dinner fork. throughout those essays Colavito shines the sunshine of cause to split truth from hypothesis, to reveal lies and fraud, and to unravel what’s in the back of claims for historic astronauts and “alternative” history—drawing at the real historical texts TV’s conversing heads don’t wish you to really learn. If you’ve ever questioned even if cable television documentaries are telling you the reality approximately extraterrestrial beings and Atlantis, learn on and research what television won’t inform you approximately faking background…

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Final Thoughts: The Sameness of It All Introduction I’ve been interested in fringe idea—ancient aliens, Atlantis, monsters—since I was a kid. In my first book, The Cult of Alien Gods (2005) I told the story of how my childhood discovery of the ancient astronaut books of Erich von Däniken prompted a teenage belief in alternative history that lasted until the house of cards came crashing down in my collegiate years. The Sirius Mystery author Robert Temple had claimed that an African tribe called the Dogon possessed anomalous knowledge of the Sirius star system, knowledge only aliens could provide.

6. How Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Gave Us Ancient Aliens 7. The Green Children of Banjos 8. Getting It Wrong: When Myths and Legends Lie 9. The Greek Mythic Memory 10. How Alternative History Methods Destroy Knowledge 11. Ancient Aliens and Atlantis 12. The Ancients and Outer Space; or, Aliens Are Bad Teachers 13. Ancient Atom Bombs? 14. The Case of the False Quotations 15. The Naacal Tablets and Theosophy 16. Neil Armstrong’s Brush with Ancient Astronauts 17. Santa Is an Alien Robot! 18. Stonehenge: The Day Spa of the Gods 19.

The myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece, for example, shows significant changes to major events between its earliest recorded forms and the best-known version, written by Apollonius of Rhodes many centuries later. In the earliest forms of the myth, it is unclear whether the Golden Fleece was even present—a far cry from those like Robert Temple or Erich von Däniken who assumed that one version of the myth stood for all, could be considered definitive, and could be interpreted literally as evidence of alien intervention.

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