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EMI-Resilient Amplifier Circuits by Marcel J. van der Horst, Wouter A. Serdijn, André C.

By Marcel J. van der Horst, Wouter A. Serdijn, André C. Linnenbank

This e-book allows circuit designers to minimize the error brought by means of the elemental barriers (noise, bandwith, and sign strength) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) in negative-feedback amplifiers. The authors describe a scientific layout process for software particular negative-feedback amplifiers, with distinct signal-to-error ratio (SER). This process allows designers to calculate noise, bandwidth, EMI, and the necessary bias parameters of the transistors utilized in program particular amplifiers in an effort to meet the SER requirements.

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Fortunately, a disturbance usually gets noticeable at higher frequencies, as will be shown in the next section. On top of that, measures to decrease the em-coupling are usually effective at low frequencies and may become less effective at high frequencies (out-of-band). It may therefore be possible that the disturbance generated in the passband is still small enough to maintain the ser. The out-of-band interference may, however, cause deterioration of the ser. In the remainder of this chapter we concentrate on determining the total disturbing signal at the input of an ideal amplifier.

The value(s) of the feedback resistor(s) are determined from both amplification and noise constraints. 2 Errors Due to Input Signal Power When a signal is applied to an amplifier, errors due to distortion may occur. Characteristic for distortion is that frequency components can be found at the output that are not found in the input signal. Two types of distortion can be identified: weak and strong nonlinear distortion. Weak nonlinear distortion originates from the nonlinear device transfers; strong nonlinear distortion from clipping.

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