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Clouds Without Rain by P. L. Gaus

By P. L. Gaus

A compulsively readable new sequence that explores a desirable tradition set purposely aside. within the wooded Amish hill state, a professor at a small university, an area pastor, and the county sheriff are the single ones one of the mainstream, or "English," who own the instincts and talents to paintings the instances that impression all county citizens, irrespective of their code of behavior or non secular creed. A deadly twist of fate regarding and Amish buggy and an eighteen-wheeler units Professor Michael Branden on a quest to discover the hyperlinks among the crash and a spate of worrying occasions.

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She asked, looking up. “In some places,” Branden said gently. “I’m going in,” Taggert announced. ” Taggert looked into the trunk and then back to the professor. ” She reached into the trunk, took hold of the object with both hands, and lifted out a heavy, three-legged surveyor’s tripod. The baseplate on top was covered in blood, and clumps of skin, hair, and glass chips were pressed onto it. She stood the tripod on the pavement in front of them. The three wooden legs were painted yellow, and on one of them, lettered in red, was the name J.

They stopped when he spoke to them, but, obedient to their teaching, they did not reply. He stepped up onto the small porch, rapped his knuckles on a wooden screened door, and was admitted by a young girl in a long purple dress and a white cap, who let him in and kneeled immediately to sweep a small mound of dust into a dustpan on the gray wooden floor. Behind her, the floor into the kitchen was bright and clean, and before Cal took another step, she caught him gently by the sleeve, produced a weak smile, and pointed to his shoes.

The blackened hulk of a car sat on its iron wheels where it had burned, and the one-way traffic passed slowly by, drivers rubbernecking at the destruction. The extent of the fire had been much greater than Branden had realized. The road was blackened with soot for a good thirty yards behind the burnt car, and the grasses, shrubs, weeds, trees, and crops had been burned in large, semicircular patches on either side of the road. The blackened ground ran nearly to John R. Weaver’s house, set back forty yards on the west.

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