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Animals and the Afterlife by Sheridan, Kim

By Sheridan, Kim

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I became completely absorbed in his care, taking him to the vet almost daily and trying every remedy and treatment available. My heart ached as Ben’s little body weakened. We both suffered. I just couldn’t let him go. I made and canceled the euthanasia appointment perhaps a dozen times before I finally went through with it. After the fact, I regretted not having gone into the back room with him for that final visit. The vet had advised against it, knowing how distraught I was. So I sat and cried in the waiting room until Ben’s body was brought out to me in a little box.

So, arrangements were made for June to move in with us shortly thereafter. As we were leaving, Jameth turned to Michelle. ” he exclaimed, sounding excited at the idea. ” How true those words would turn out to be. As I prepared for June’s arrival, I felt like the child I had been so long ago. I was truly excited for the first time in ages as I cleared a spot for June’s cage and “rat-proofed” our home, covering electrical cords and eliminating any other potential safety hazards for a rat. Rats like to explore and they like to chew, which can be dangerous if provisions aren’t made.

These were important events early in my life, urging me to consider the relevance of other beings. I grew up in suburban Southern California, a place of dry summers and wet winters. On rainy days, the snails would come out of hiding and gather on the sidewalks and in the streets near my home. It broke my heart to see them get crushed on their journey, so I spent many a rainy afternoon picking them up, one by one, and putting them near the house, where they would be safe. At one point, I had all of the other neighborhood children joining in the effort, and it felt like an immensely worthwhile cause, helping out those small, vulnerable beings.

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