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U.X.L Complete Health Resource. Healthy Living 2 by Caroline M. Levchuck, Michele Ingber Drohan, Jane Kelly

By Caroline M. Levchuck, Michele Ingber Drohan, Jane Kelly Kosek

Help scholars strengthen reliable conduct with this 3-vol. set that covers many points of a healthy way of life. Volumes comprise:

Vol. 1: foodstuff, workout, and Environmental overall healthiness

Vol. 2: drugs and Healthcare

Vol. three: psychological health and wellbeing and vanity . additionally integrated are nationwide companies to touch; examine and task rules; sidebars with details on surveys; reviews; health suggestions; and different attention-grabbing and valuable evidence. (20001101)

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Managed care does not want members to use emergency rooms for non-emergency situations, such as the flu or an earache. Hospital emergency rooms serve patients with immediate life-threatening conditions. (Photograph © 1999 Kevin Beebe. Custom Medical Stock Photo. ) 152 Healthy Living An emergency is defined as the unexpected onset of a serious condition or life-threatening injury that requires immediate medical treatment. An urgent condition needs treatment within twenty-four hours, in contrast with the immediacy of an emergency.

Referrals cover not only specialist visits but laboratory tests. Unless a patient has a condition that is life-threatening, the tests may not be performed on the same day as the doctor visit. health car e systems Prescription Drugs and Chronic Conditions Some chronic conditions require no medication while other conditions require medication only during flare-ups, or when the condition is actively bothering the patient. Still other conditions require the long-term use of a prescribed medication.

There were no limits on their treatment decisions; doctors or hospitals could order as many tests as they felt necessary, for example. Doctors and hospitals made a lot of money under this system because they decided the prices charged for every visit. However, patients did not always benefit because their insurance companies would often only pay a percentage of the fees being charged. For example, if a doctor charged $100 for a checkup, but the insurance company felt that $80 was a fair price, the patient would have to pay the extra $20, until a certain deductible was met.

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