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Transistors by E. J. M. Kendall (Auth.)

By E. J. M. Kendall (Auth.)

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If the collector voltage is kept constant, then as the emitter current is varied by varying the emitter voltage, changes occur in the POINT CONTACT DEVICES 43 collector current which may be greater than those in the emitter current. Besides the obvious power gain resulting from the different circuit impedances, there is a current gain a defined by, (12) "const V Overall power gains of 20 dB were initially attained and typical characteristics are shown in Fig. 6. Transistor action depends on the fact that the current from the emitter is composed to a large extent of holes, which are attracted to the negative collector.

It should be remembered that silicon is more temperature stable than germanium. The overlay transistor is a good example of how design changes have aided the power transistor. It is essentially a planar n-p-n transistor. Construction begins with a silicon wafer plus an epitaxial layer, onto which is deposited a thin layer of silicon dioxide. By selective etching and vacuum deposition the electrodes and extra dopants are applied. The deposition masks are made by sophisticated photographic techniques.

7), since in power transistors there is a large base current. Unless the base width is reasonably small, and the minority carrier lifetime in the base is as long as possible, the only part of the emitter that is at all efficient is that which is close to the base. A large emitter implies a large collector and hence an increase in 7 (0) [cf. equation (3)] and thus increased temperature sensitivity. c6 e C JUNCTION DEVICES AND DEVELOPMENTS 63 The mounting of power transistors on large copper heat sinks helps to alleviate this problem somewhat.

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