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The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, Vol. 1 by Roger P. Smith, Paul J. Turek

By Roger P. Smith, Paul J. Turek

Netter assortment Reproductive process

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Failures are tough to control for plenty of purposes: the immediacy of the development, value of the development, loss of evidence-based practices, and the constrained usefulness of many built protocols. as a result, combining educational techniques with real looking and useful concepts remains to be an underdeveloped point of catastrophe texts.

Taurine 7

Taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) is an enigmatic compound abounding in animal tissues. it really is current at really excessive concentrations in all electrically excitable tissues corresponding to mind, sensory organs, middle, and muscle, and in convinced endocrine glands. a few of its physiological capabilities are already confirmed, for instance as a necessary nutrient in the course of improvement and as a neuromodulator or osmolyte, however the mobile mechanisms are nonetheless normally an issue of conjecture.

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This reflected layer blends with Buck fascia surrounding the crura. Thus, in the urogenital triangle, four fascial layers cover the bulbous spongiosum and urethra. First is the Corpus spongiosum (bulb) (tunica albuginea) Bulbospongiosus muscle perineal layer of Colles fascia external to the bulbospongiosus muscle. Beneath this is the deep extension of Colles fascia below the bulbospongiosus muscle, followed by Buck fascia and, finally, the tunica albuginea. Only three fascial layers cover each crus of the penis: Colles superficial fascia overlying the ischiocavernosus muscles and Buck fascia beneath this muscle, which blends with the deep reflected layer of Colles fascia over the tunica albuginea.

Adolescence and secondary sexual characteristics may be expected to mirror the degree of differentiation of gonadal structures. Usually, there is some degree of masculinization. However, coincidental signs of active estrogen secretion may include breast enlargement and menstruation. There is no absolute reason why the gonads may not develop to full spermatogenesis and oogenesis. However, spermatogenesis is unlikely if estrogens are secreted in significant quantities because of inhibition of follicle-stimulating hormone.

Ultimately, they empty into the internal iliac veins. THE NETTER COLLECTION OF MEDICAL ILLUSTRATIONS Plate 2-8 The Penis and Male Perineum Anterior view Inferior vena cava Abdominal aorta Inferior mesenteric artery BLOOD SUPPLY OF Renal vessels TESTIS The internal spermatic artery originates from the abdominal aorta just below the renal artery. Embryologically, the testicles lie opposite the second lumbar vertebra and keep the blood supply that is acquired during the first weeks of life as they descend into the scrotum.

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