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The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol. 8: The Prophetic by Hugh Nibley

By Hugh Nibley

The publication of Mormon is a prophetic ebook. It used to be written by way of prophets and approximately prophets. It used to be foreseen via prophets and foresees our day. It used to be introduced forth by way of prophetic presents for prophetic reasons. It speaks in a clarion voice of caution to people who may live to tell the tale the final days.

The articles during this quantity, introduced jointly less than one disguise for the 1st time, technique the e-book of Mormon via numerous prophetic topics. They converse out incisively on such themes because the prophecy of Ezekiel 37, inner and exterior evidences of the divine beginning of the ebook of Mormon, literary type within the e-book of Mormon, historic temples and the booklet of Mormon, and the ebook of Mormon's teachings for the final days.

Most of those chapters were formerly released in scattered destinations, yet a few look right here for the 1st time. a few are conscientiously built papers; others are transcripts of talks; in a few locations they contain unpolished exploratory notes. yet in them all, Nibley's issues are as proper this day as they have been the day they have been written. the subjects he discusses, like forgery, or facile makes an attempt to characteristic ebook of Mormon authorship to Joseph Smith, sound as present as this morning's newspaper.

Though one may possibly revise, refine, problem, reexamine, and reconsider issues from those essays, their lasting contribution is strong. this can be primarily simply because Nibley takes the booklet of Mormon heavily: textually, traditionally, doctrinally, and virtually. For him, the ebook of Mormon capability what it says, and hence his pursuit of its which means, in note and in deed, has been no longer an informal curiousity yet a life-time pilgrimage.

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What is the strange manipulation by which one and one make one? We are reminded of the miraculous rod of Aaron that ate up the wooden rods of Pharaoh's priests and still became no larger,71 but a far more practical explanation is at hand. First of all, there is, of course, the binding of the sticks into a ritual bundle, by which the many become one: Ezekiel duly explains that as the sticks become one so "I will make them one nation" (Ezekiel 37:22). " The Greek is as bad as the English, but it is clear that the staves become one by being fitted together first (synapseis), and then held fast by tying (tou desai).

Here the name is recognized written on the rod. Ezekiel himself (Ezekiel 19:10-14) depicts the fall of the nation by the breaking of its rods: "Her strong rods were broken and withered" (Ezekiel 19:12), the rods being "strong rods for the sceptres of them that bare rule" (Ezekiel 19:11). It is only natural that an identification-staff should serve as a rod of office or authority. As such it commonly served in ancient times as a message-staff or "summons-arrow": Throughout the ancient world a ruler was thought to command everything his arrow could touch.

763-779), her successor, wished to add a supplement of his own, incorporating it in the original law. The two rolls, each with one stick in it, are here seen placed side by side and bound together as one by a silken cloth, just as the roll of the Jewish law with its two sticks is "girded with a strip of silk" when it is rolled up to be put into the tabernacle. 120 This suggests the origin of the scroll in the single message-stick with the message-scroll wrapped around it, as well as the probability that in Ezekiel's day the scrolls were still of the primitive, one-shaft variety.

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