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The Boy Mechanic Vol. 1 (1913) by Don Kostuch

By Don Kostuch

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Contributed by W. A. Jaquythe, Richmond, Cal. Use for Paper Bags [19] When groceries are delivered, save the paper bags and use them for staring bread and cakes. Tie the neck of the bag with a string and it will keep the contents fresh and clean. --Contributed by Mrs. L. H. Atwell, Kissimmee, Florida. Use Chalk on Files [19] If a little chalk is rubbed on a file before filing steel, it will keep the chips from sticking in the cuts on the file and scratching the work. A Homemade Steam Turbine [20] By WILLIAM H.

The string No. 5 is treated in the same manner only that the needle is run through on the left side of the string a second time, leaving the needle on the outside in position for the next section, which is fastened the same as the first, the needle being passed through the notch on the right side of the string No. 4, passing around on the right side and back on the left and so on. Keep the thread drawn up tightly all the time. After the sewing is completed cut the strings, allowing about 2 in. of the ends extending on each side.

R. Ingham, Rosemont, Arizona. Cutting Circular Holes in Thin Sheet Metal [35] In arts and crafts work, occasion often arises to cut a perfectly circular hole in sheet copper or brass. To saw and file it out takes time and skill. Holes up to 3 in. in diameter can be cut quickly and accurately with an ordinary expansive bit. Fasten the sheet metal to a block of wood with handscrews or a vise. Punch a hole, with a nail set or punch, in the center of the circle to be cut, large enough to receive the spur of the expansive bit.

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