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The Book of Chaos and It's Virtue by Eris Kallisti Discordia, Monsignor Vincent Sebastian

By Eris Kallisti Discordia, Monsignor Vincent Sebastian Verthaine, K.S.C.

The persist with as much as The booklet of Eris, sees the strong Erisian Chaosopher, Monsignor Vincent Sebastian Verthaine, K.S.C. chanelling Eris once again, in your leisure, schooling and enlightenment.

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But Her revelations are irreligious and irreverent in ways that make us open up and never trust anything ever again but our senses and our own minds. (Some of you already know this and if you are one of those sorts, you should probably seek out some elder Discordians for your next illumination). In this day and age it is different however. It seems that neophiles are popping up more often than ever before and Eris is watching. (Does that make you feel better, or does that frighten you? Or does it make you laugh?

Atheist magic seems to either draw on science, medicine and technology, or to be invocation or evocation of any of its deities. Chaos Magicians are particularly fond of drawing on Chaos Science, Fractals and Quantum Physics. However, ideas about evolution, memetics, virology, cancer, computer programs, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering have also been used. Atheist mysticism has been given the special name psychology. It has been pointed out before that the psychological view of the conscious mind and subconscious mind are merely new names for spirit and soul respectively.

People think. People play. People laugh. Look at these poor souls, sleepwalking through life . . they think they're people, but they are vegetables. Blind, ridiculous, vegetables. Ah ha, I said with glee. I know many Cabbages, my life is full of them, and they are the bane of my existence! I know them as Greyfaces! No! the old man said quickly. Do not mistake the two . . Greyfaces and Cabbages are not the same, except when they are. Greyfaces are much more dangerous. Dangerous? I asked. How? Well, let me ask you this, he said, which would you be most wary of .

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