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Nocturnicon: Calling Dark Forces and Powers by Konstantinos

By Konstantinos

Take an exhilarating stroll at the darkish facet with Konstantinos! the writer of Nocturnal Witchcraft offers a suite of magickal innovations for operating with darkish forces. built and demonstrated through Konstantinos, those rites and rituals have confirmed to be relatively strong in harnessing nocturnal energies-even supporting the writer triumph over a significant scientific situation in a superb restoration that surprised medical professionals! Drawn from varied sources-ceremonial magick, folks magick, old Greek ritual, and divination-these recommendations allow magicians and rookies to conjure and keep watch over primal energies, thoughtforms, Lovecraftian entities, egregores, sigils, and different forces. these interested in the darkish mysteries will savor Konstantinos' daring exploration of intercourse magick, loss of life magick, altered states, dream grimoires, and forbidden tomes.

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I find positioning my hand here and looking at it helps me to focus in the right place. Then look with your peripheral vision at the top of your head. Keep your eyes focused on your hand while you do this. This type of peripheral looking causes you to register the area around the top of your head and shoulders on the rod cells of your eyes that are the black and white receivers, not the cone cells, which see color in our physical world. It was a type of vision perfected by WWII fighter pilots who used it to spot targets in the dark.

Purple equates to the 8th Chakra, your cone of power. Violet is a high-energy, yet soft color, that usually tells you the person has strong spiritual values, is a good teacher, and a loving person, and that he has strong connections to his Higher Self or Higher Mind. Again, it is rare to see an entirely violet aura; usually, there will be concentrations of the color in one area, perhaps over the head, for example, or the aura will be violet temporarily. Most people do not remain in this consciousness for long periods.

It is also initially easier to do this if you have dark hair. But eventually, with practice, you will be able to see the etheric aura around anyone or anything, in any kind of lighting. Once you have learned to see this around your self, use the same technique to practice seeing it around your friends, family, pets, and even trees and plants. The more you practice, the better you will get. II: The Astral Aura This portion of the aura lies outside the etheric aura, but is within the confines of the auric shell.

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