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Marine Microbiology: Bioactive Compounds and by Se-Kwon Kim

By Se-Kwon Kim

Intentionally breaking with the classical biology-centered description of marine organisms and their items, this reference emphasizes microbial expertise over simple biology, atmosphere it except its predecessors. As such, it systematically covers the expertise at the back of high-value compounds to be used as prescribed drugs, nutraceuticals or cosmetics, from prospecting to creation issues.
Following a definition of the sector, the e-book is going directly to deal with all industrially very important features of marine microbial biotechnology. the 1st major half encompasses a description of the most important creation organisms, from archaebacteria to cyanobacteria to algae and symbionts, together with their genetic engineering. the rest 4 elements examine commercially vital compounds produced through those microorganisms including their purposes. all through, the emphasis is on technological issues, and the longer term strength of those organisms or compound periods is discussed
A precious and forward-looking source for cutting edge biotechnologists in in addition to in academia.

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