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Learn Telepathy by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

By Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Appeared before me. Various thoughts kept on coming to my mind. Then after viewing valleys and hills I found myself in front of a door. When I opened the door and entered it I was in a paradise like garden where a mercury light was pervading every where. " 5th NOV: "When I started Muraqbah, I saw myself flying in the air. During my flight I landed on a hill. After taking off from there I found myself in space. From there I observed the earth and the moon. The earth was round and the surface of moon had craters and mounds.

Man's existence in eternity, is related with man's soul. Man's material body is composed of such senses which are confining and are responsible for man's distance from his soul. When we inhale we get closer to eternity and when we exhale we are drawn away from the eternity or to wit, the exhaling is a veil drawn between eternity and the present life of ours. When the breath is held in our lungs our relation with the eternity re-establishes. The breathing exercises are included in the lessons of telepathy so that man could get closer to his inner being, the Soul.

Would you please tell your readers what is the importance of the breathing exercises and Muraqbah of light? Answer: This cosmos is kinetic and in continuous motion whether it is the micro-cosm or the macro-cosm. When the study of motion associated with life is attempted it is observed that life of living animals and plants is based upon respiration and man is no exception to this law. Flow of life is directly related with breathing. As long as inspiration and expiration is there, life is there when one stops inhaling the oxygen we declare him as expired.

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