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Key Words for Astrology by Hajo Banzhaf, Anna Haebler

By Hajo Banzhaf, Anna Haebler

Very good guide for those who are looking to research conventional astrological options and interpretation. The e-book covers the entire fundamentals in addition to the not-so-obvious, and the planetary glyphs within the thumb margins make it a reference that each pupil of astrology should want to hold inside effortless achieve. Bibliography.

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Dividing the horoscope. 3. THE ASPECTS These are the significant distances of the planets from each other. The aspects can be best illustrated using the example of the Moon, which forms all possible aspects with the Sun during the course of a month. The so-called harmonious and disharmonious aspects are created (as in music) by dividing the circle with the cardinal numbers, whereby harmonious and disharmonious aspects (tones) result: 360° ÷ 1 = 360 = Conjunction = Planets located directly next to each other.

However, how, and to what degree, they are manifested, and what level they attain always depends upon the personality's degree of maturity—and precisely this factor is not revealed in the horoscope. This is why we have also consciously dispensed with stating the commonly made differentiation between good and bad, easy and difficult, harmonious and tension-laden, auspicious and misfortune-bringing configurations. Such definitions are foolish. We have seen horoscopes that were full of so-called harmonious aspects, yet the people affected were caught up in deep crises in life.

The central concern of this sign is the development of the ego, asserting one's own will, and conquering the world. Aries represents the archetypal masculine force which acts in an impetuous, strong-willed, and impulsive manner. It is characterized by activity, initiative, impatience, and rushing forward without becoming weary. Aries quickly recovers from low blows. The Aries person is considered indefatigable and daring. The Aries type is a pioneer with a warm, carefree openness which often has something sympathetically boyish (or girlish) about it, even when he or she is older.

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