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Intervista sull'etologia by Danilo Mainardi

By Danilo Mainardi

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As regards the cultural function of rhetorical figures, Jakobson, on the one hand, broadens it, seeing there the basis for meaning-formation in any semiotic system. So he applies the terms 'metaphor' and 'metonymy' to cinema, painting, psychoanalysis, and so on. On the other hand, he narrows it relegating metaphor to the domain of semiotic structures = poetry, and metonymy to the sphere of the text = prose. 20 So the question of the demarcation between poetry and prose was put on an objective basis, has ceased to be merely a question of literary categories, and has become a semiotic universal.

The more the syntagmatic organization is stressed the freer and more associative will be our semantic connections. So the 'I-F text has a tendency to build up The Text as a Meaning-generating Mechanism 29 individual meanings and to take on the function of organizing the disordered associations which accumulate in the individual consciousness. It reorganizes the personality who engages in autocommunication. So the text bears a three-fold semantic value: the primary general linguistic semantic value; the secondary semantic value, which arises from the syntagmatic reorganization of the text and from juxtaposition with the primary values; and thirdly, values that arise from the introduction into the message of extra-textual associations, ranging from the most general to the extremely personal.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. What happened? Though his eyes were reading, his thoughts were on a distant goal: desires and dreams and griefs were breeding and swarming in his inmost soul. Between the lines of text as printed, his mind's eye focused on the hinted purport of other lines; intense was his absorption in their sense. Legends, and mystical traditions, drawn from a dim, warm-hearted past, dreams of inconsequential cast, rumours and threats and premonitions, long, lively tales from wonderland, or letters in a young girl's hand.

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