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Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality by Laura A. Jana MD FAAP, Jennifer Shu MD FAAP

By Laura A. Jana MD FAAP, Jennifer Shu MD FAAP

This entire advisor for brand new mom and dad discovering themselves beaten facing the truth of parenting presents "parent-tested, pediatrician-approved" suggestion to allay their fears. Written in a compassionate but authoritative tone by means of mothers who're additionally pediatricians, this consultant covers a wealth of themes that regularly turn out daunting within the first 8 weeks of a kid's existence. beginning with "Into the Mouths of Babes" (the trials of breastfeeding) and "What is available in needs to pop out" (a dialogue of "pee and poop") and relocating on via "Fever: Trial by way of hearth" and "Seeing Yellow: Jaundice," this consultant deals sound suggestion that might permit mom and dad to believe convinced approximately their parenting abilities. tricks on day-by-day residing, sleep styles, crying, the artwork and technology of diapering, and touring with a child also are supplied.

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If nothing else, Heading Home With Your Newborn 25 we can offer you some words of advice and encouragement that we hope will help you take this potential fact of breastfeeding life in stride. • The power of perspective. You may hear an occasional account of someone whose breasts never quite contained themselves and proceeded to leak the entire time she breastfed. Statistically speaking, your own chances of “recovery” are actually quite good. Any leakage you may experience at the outset will most likely subside or even resolve completely over time.

Be forewarned that mastitis has a way of sneaking up on nursing mothers. That’s because the more obvious signs of breast infection may not be obvious until a day or two after you start to feel achy, sick, and/or feverish. As long as you’re familiar with mastitis, you stand a fighting chance of noticing it early on, getting the necessary medical advice, and getting treated with antibiotics sooner rather than later. It’s Not Worth Crying Over Spilt Milk Having also experienced leaky breasts firsthand, we readily admit that they all too often come with the territory as your body adapts to breastfeeding.

Above all else, look for bras that offer comfort and convenience. After all, you’ll be breastfeeding as many as 12 times a day, and this is a garment that you may well find yourself wearing 24 hours a day! You’ll have enough going on with your breasts that the last thing you’ll need is to add another potential source of discomfort or irritation. • Expect expansion. Expect that you’ll keep expanding until your milk supply comes in. While you may want to invest in some new, bigger bras during pregnancy, don’t assume that’s the last bra shopping you’ll need to do.

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