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Hard Candy by Amy Ruttan

By Amy Ruttan

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Lee clenched her fist. The bastard played me for a dupe. He acted like he had never been there before. I knew that wasn’t the truth, I knew something was up by the way he acted, how he was so familiar with everything. ” Janine asked, her brow furrowed in concern. “Fine,” she said confidently as she began to collect the advertising campaign items and stuff them into her portfolio. “I’m fine. I have to get ready for a meeting with Mr. ” Janine nodded. “Sounds good. ” “Oh yes,” Lee nodded. 45 Amy Ruttan Janine smiled and left her office.

Pulling her hands away, he scooped her up and carried her near where Edvard was screwing the blonde. Edvard looked over, a lazy smile on his face as he surveyed them. Pallator nodded, Edvard knew that he wanted his identity as boss kept secret. Laying Lenore down on one of the strategically placed futon mattresses, he parted her legs. ” “Taking you all the way,” he said. “Watch the man, watch him fuck the woman and imagine you in her place. I’m sure he’ll be watching you. ” Lenore moaned again, but nodded as she turned her head to watch Edvard in the water.

I noticed,” Janine said dryly. “What happened when you went with Mr. Sinclair? ” Janine shook her head and sat down across from her. ” Janine’s eyes bugged out. “You actually did it? ” 44 Hard Candy “Yeah,” Lee said, fingering a wrapped piece of his Innocent Pleasures hard candy. ” Janine fanned herself. ” Janine asked, cocking her head to one side. ” “I know, but I let him get under my skin. I let him…” she trailed off as she thought about the things she had let him do. All the things they had done together, and she thought about that last time they had been together, when he had held her face between his hands, thrusting into her slowly, kissing her so tenderly and calling her querida.

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