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Handbook of Thin Film Devices by Maurice H. Francombe (Auth.)

By Maurice H. Francombe (Auth.)

Content material:
Foreword and booklet Plan

, Pages v-vii
Preface for quantity I

, Pages xi-xii
Preface for quantity II

, Pages xiii-xiv
Preface for quantity III

, Pages xi-xii
Preface for quantity IV

, Pages xi-xii
Preface for quantity V

, Pages xi-xiii
List of participants for quantity I

, Pages xv-xvi
List of members for quantity II

, Pages xiii-xiv
List of members for quantity III

, Page xiii
List of participants for quantity IV

, Page xiii
List of members for quantity V

, Page xv
Chapter 1 - Epitaxial movie development and Characterization

, Pages 1-53,I-II
Chapter 2 - Processing of Epitaxial Heterostructure Devices

, Pages 55-102
Chapter three - box impression Transistors: FETs and HEMTs

, Pages 103-156
Chapter four - Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

, Pages 157-192
Chapter five - Gan-Based Modulation-Doped Field-Effect Transistors and Ultraviolet Detectors

, Pages 193-216
Chapter 6 - Silicon Germanium Alloy Devices

, Pages 217-248
Chapter 7 - Silicon Carbide energy Devices

, Pages 249-298
Chapter eight - GaN-Based Pyroelectronics and Piezoelectronics

, Pages 299-339
Chapter 1 - HgCdTe Infrared Detectors

, Pages 1-25
Chapter 2 - Antimony-Based Infrared fabrics and Devices

, Pages 27-62
Chapter three - Quantum good Infrared Photodetectors (QWIP)

, Pages 63-99
Chapter four - An creation to the Physics of Quantum good Infrared Photodetectors and different comparable New Devices

, Pages 101-134
Chapter five - Semiconductor Photoemissive constructions for much Infrared Detection

, Pages 135-170
Chapter 6 - Interband III-V Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers

, Pages 171-193
Chapter 7 - High-Performance Quantum Cascade Laser

, Pages 195-224
Chapter eight - InGaN-Based UV/Blue/Green LED and LD Structure

, Pages 225-263
Chapter nine - Plasma Displays

, Pages 265-283,III-IV
Chapter 10 - Liquid Crystal Displays

, Pages 285-309
Chapter eleven - contemporary Advances in skinny movie sunlight Cells

, Pages 311-362
Chapter 1 - Synthesis and Characterization of Superconducting skinny Films

, Pages 1-33
Chapter 2 - Fabrication of Superconducting units and Circuits

, Pages 35-69
Chapter three - electronic techniques and Applications

, Pages 71-98
Chapter four - Superconducting Microwave equipment homes and Applications

, Pages 99-123
Chapter five - Detectors for Infrared, Optical and X-ray Photons

, Pages 125-148
Chapter 6 - Squid Magnetometers

, Pages 149-225
Chapter 1 - everlasting Magnet motion pictures for Applications

, Pages 1-36
Chapter 2 - Magneto-Optical Recording skinny Films

, Pages 37-91
Chapter three - Epitaxial Garnet motion pictures for Nonreciprocal Magneto-Optic Devices

, Pages 93-141
Chapter four - Microwave Magnetic movie Devices

, Pages 143-184
Chapter five - Magnetic motion pictures for Planar Inductive parts and Devices

, Pages 185-212
Chapter 1 - Ferroelectric skinny motion pictures: coaching and Characterization

, Pages 1-45
Chapter 2 - Ferroelectric Random entry reminiscence (feram) Technology

, Pages 47-77
Chapter three - prestige of Metal-Ferroelectric- Semiconductor box influence Transistors (MFSFETs) and comparable Devices

, Pages 79-89
Chapter four - Integration points of complicated Ferroelectric Thin-Film Memories

, Pages 91-112
Chapter five - Tunable Dielectric fabrics and units for Broadband instant Communications

, Pages 113-142
Chapter 6 - Pyroelectric units and Applications

, Pages 143-202
Chapter 7 - Ferroelectric units for Microelectromechanical platforms (mems) Applications

, Pages 203-226
Index for quantity I

, Pages 341-352
Index for quantity II

, Pages 363-372
Index for quantity III

, Pages 227-233
Index for quantity IV

, Pages 213-220
Index for quantity V

, Pages 227-235

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Changes in the oscillation period on going from pure GaAs growth to A1GaAs growth have been used to measure the alloy composition [41]. The details of the RHEED oscillations depend critically on the diffraction conditions; careful choice of azimuth and in particular, angle of incidence of the electron gun can minimize these effects [43]. 4. M B E Growth Mechanism The extensive use of in situ diagnostics during the MBE growth of III-V compound semiconductors has meant that the MBE growth technique is among the best understood.

To assure a reasonable yield, the uniformity and reproducibility of the epitaxial layers must be held within a certain statistical tolerance. This applies to wafer uniformity (the most widely quoted figure), from wafer to wafer within a batch for a multiwafer reactor, and run-to-run over a long period of time. In manufacturing, these three measurements are equally important, as the yield will suffer if the growth and device fabrication processes must be continually adjusted. During production, test and calibration runs must be performed to determine and adjust growth rates, compositions, and doping levels to continuously qualify the material.

The sample preparation/introduction chamber can also contain UHV-compatible diagnostic systems for characterization of the substrate material and the grown layer. Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) and x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) are common examples. Mass spectrometry is used to observe residual gases and to monitor molecular beam fluxes. In addition, the technique has been used to measure the fluxes desorbed from the substrate and film during growth. Applications include measurement of surface stoichiometry and characterization of the reaction mechanisms on substrate surfaces [11], observation of dopant-surface interactions [30], observation of surface segregation during InGaAs growth [31] and the correction of flux transients upon shutter operation [32].

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