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Guide to the Georgetown Silver Plume historic district by Georgetown Society (Colo.), People for Silver Plume (Colo.)

By Georgetown Society (Colo.), People for Silver Plume (Colo.)

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The building now houses the town offices. Page 18 Cushman Block In 1872, William H. Cushman constructed two, nearly identical brick buildings. The first remains as the building housing Buckskin Leather and Toys in the Attic. The second is the building now housing the Bank of Clear Creek County. In 1875, local papers noted Cushman's intention to build an additional two-story building to be located at the corner of Taos and Sixth streets, now the Silver Queen restaurant. Cushman hired W. H. J. Nichols as the architect.

Over the years a number of firms did business here. The most noteworthy was the firm of Monti and Guanella, a bakery and grocery store. It was responsible for the original expansion of the building and served as the forerunner to the long-lived Kneisel and Anderson Store now located across the street. Page 19 Hamill Block In 1878, William Hamill purchased Theo F. Simmon's brick store, built in 1873, and the present site of the Full Circle Cafe. Two years later he would acquire another brick building, "Stahl's old place," constructed in 1875-76, now Polly Chandler's Book Store, and the frame building in the middle of the two.

It fit! For several weeks the bridge stood in Denver Bronco orange, the shop coat color of the steel. Then the structure was sprayed with its field coat of flat black and the deck ties installed. The following spring rails were laid across the structure and just one century and two months from the day the first locomotives steamed across the original Devil's Gate Bridge, two double-headed Shay locomotives pushed gingerly onto the reconstructed High Bridge to inaugurate the second century of the Georgetown Loop.

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