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Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and by Robert N. Proctor

By Robert N. Proctor

The cigarette is the deadliest artifact within the historical past of human civilization. it's also some of the most beguiling, due to greater than a century of manipulation by the hands of tobacco chemists. In Golden Holocaust, Robert N. Proctor attracts on reams of formerly-secret records to discover how the cigarette got here to be the main widely-used drug on the earth, with six trillion sticks offered consistent with yr. He paints a harrowing photograph of tobacco brands conspiring to dam the popularity of tobacco-cancer dangers, whilst they ensnare legions of scientists and politicians in an internet of denial. Proctor tells heretofore untold tales of fraud and subterfuge, and he makes the most powerful case up to now for an easy but formidable therapy: a ban at the manufacture and sale of cigarettes.

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Hess DW, Hess DS. Biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch. Obes Surg 1998;8:267â 282. 18. Ren CJ, Patterson E, Gagner M. Early results of laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch: a case series of 40 consecutive patients. Obes Surg 2000;10:514â 523. 19. Buchwald H, Varco RL. A bypass operation for obese hyperlipidemia patients. Surgery 1971;70:62â 70. 47 44 45 20. Buchwald H, Varco RL, Matts JP, et al. Effect of partial ileal bypass surgery on mortality and morbidity from coronary artery disease in patients with hypercholesterolemia.

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