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Gerät 040 041 Karl Mörser Tank Power Vol LIII by Janusz Ledwoch

By Janusz Ledwoch

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In the first place, muscles become more or less contracted, and sometimes painful; walking becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible; balance is unstable. Patients may also suffer from contractions of the esophagus, stomach or intestines. These muscular symptoms often lead to an erroneous diagnosis, especially when they are limited to a single arm or leg. They may be mistakenly attributed to hysterical contractions and, when more generalized, to lesions of the encephalon or spinal cord. It is easy to detect this kind of cerebral tension through direct examination: the vibrations are very tense, like a wire vibrating very quickly; waves have hardly any amplitude, and are so faint they are hardly perceptible.

E. how we will show patients precisely what they should do. Direct control of the brain, at the present stage of scientific development, is beyond our control. This means that there are few means at our disposal to verify what patients report in terms of what is actually happening in the brain. Struck by this gap in our scientific knowledge, I tried to find some simple method of verification. e. verified) objectively. The cerebral pulse (electroencephalograph) provided some indication of what was going on, but was not practical enough, and required the use of highly sensitive instruments.

Patients find this material approach to their illness very useful: they need some kind of concrete representation, something more tangible than simply dealing with thought processes, since they know that these are already out of their control to a large extent. Through functional treatment, we teach patients how to modify an abnormal vibration by providing them with the qualities they lack. In other words, they are shown how cerebral control should operate, and how to replace their own non-control.

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