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FutureRitual: Magick for the 21st Century by Philip H. Farber

By Philip H. Farber

"I chanced on this e-book completely certain -- the 1st magick handbook totally modern with smooth technological know-how and the single person who will rather organize the scholar for all times within the twenty first Century." -- Robert Anton Wilson
Drawing on probably the most complex mystical paintings of the prior a hundred years, Farber weaves parts of meditation, ritual magick, psychoactive elements, bio-feedback, chaos thought, tantric intercourse, psychology, linguistics, and neo-Pagan deity encounters right into a attractive template for private rituals of the longer term. this can be a "self-help" ebook for these keen to take regulate in their personal destinies and transcend "New Age" and into what Crowley dubbed "the New Aeon".
FUTURERITUAL updates magick for the twenty first Century.
My exploration of magick, technological know-how, hypnosis, linguistics and cybernetic thought is going again at the very least 15 years, even though on a few point i have been doing these items my entire lifestyles! As we head towards the twenty first Century, media proliferates and we're inundated with bewildering offerings and random impulses... i believe that magick is a robust way to lower via our culturally-acquired habit and conditioning and observe WHO we actually ARE... and act in keeping with that!
RITUAL: The set of instruments that permit us to consciously practice our will to the paintings of lifestyles. those instruments are universal to all
religious rite virtually all clinical strategy and plenty of activities In "everyday life."
FUTURE : A time period, but to return, that offers us the chance to make unsleeping offerings. hold your
senses transparent your mind sharp and your will powerful and prepared, for the long run can be the following prior to you think!
MAGICK : The paintings of constructing wide awake offerings.

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Vibrate the word NUIT, and, as you do so, imagine a star-spangled night sky above you. 3. Touch the base of your spine with your thumb (held as above), and imagine your consciousness withdrawing to a single point at that spot. If you can, be in that spot. Vibrate the word HADIT. 4. Move your thumb up along the centerline of the front of your body until it touches the center of the chest. Imagine that part of you, the heart center, filling with the aspiration of Hadit from below, and the blessing of Nuit from above.

9. Close your circle. 10. Write a careful description. As is true with every type of invocation, frequent and determined practice of these rituals is the way to increase your ability and improve your success. 11. RITUAL INTENSIFIERS A well constructed ritual is thorough and congruent in all of its aspects and in its action on the mind and body. That is, each element of the ritual, although performing an individual task, is ultimately functioning toward whatever the single purpose of the operation happens to be.

This becomes even more striking when stripped down to a single opposite pair. The Nuit-Hadit-Ra Hoor Khuit 68 FUTURE FUTURERITUAL RITUAL exercise works with some of this. 24 Congruence: Also called "Personal Power". At the risk of repeating myself: keep everything within your ritual area, and in your ritual itself, in absolute accordance, harmony, and service to your intent. " Some other ritual intensifiers not fully explored in the Lesser Pentagram Ritual include: Music / Poetry / Dance: The ability of music, poetry, or dance to exalt the mind, to produce states of ecstasy, or to invoke a specific idea, is probably well known.

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