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From Night Flak to Hijack: It's a Small World by Reginald Levy

By Reginald Levy

This can be the autobiography of Reginald Levy, a British pilot who reached a complete of 25,090 flying hours in over forty years of civil, army and advertisement aviation. He recounts his education and armed forces operations as an RAF pilot in the course of WWII. He flies forty four kinds of plane among 1941 and 1981. he's taking half within the Berlin Airlift, and in 1952 joins Sabena airline. In 1972, he's hijacked by means of Black September terrorists and performs a heroic half because of his professionalism and coaching. not just does the e-book provide an perception into the hardships and camaraderie of the battle and of the chilly warfare, it additionally provides a first-hand file of a Palestinian terrorist test. of the Israeli commandos who freed the hostages may cross directly to turn into major Ministers of Israel - Barak and Netenyahu. The epilogue is supplied by way of his youngest daughter and grandson.

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