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Freshwater Snails Of Africa And Their Medical Importance by David S Brown

By David S Brown

The 1st 1/2 this e-book is basically a scientific survey of the snails, starting with glossaries, keys for id to genera and a record of species. this can be via a synopsis of species, with short notes on ecology, distribution and parasites. Relationships are then defined among snails and schistosomes and with different parasites. The e-book is going directly to examine the standards affecting snail populations and attainable tools for inhabitants keep watch over.

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1986) and 3 or more found in Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands (Starmühlner, 1969, 1979, 1983; Fischer-Piette & Vukadinovic, 1973), including C. longispina (Récluz, 1841) (Fig. 18g). FRESHWATER SNAILS OF AFRICA 51 Genus Septaria Ferussac, 1807 Shell medium to large, with its last whorl greatly expanded and cap-like. Operculum reduced to a small angular plate (Fig. 8a). In the lower courses of streams in the Indo-Pacific region, but rarely found in Africa. Type species: Patella borbonica Bory de St Vincent, 1803, Réunion Island.

Scale line: 10 mm. 3 A Shell varies from depressed to narrowly conical (Figs 32, 33). Central tooth with one basal denticle on each side. Hydrobia (p. 70) B Spire ovately to narrowly conic (Figs 37–39). Central tooth (Fig. 36d) with 2 or 3 pairs of basal denticles. In fresh or brackish water near South African coast; also in E Zaire .................................................... Pomatiopsidae: Tomichia (p. 77) Family BITHYNIIDAE 1 A Neritoid (globose, whorls rapidly increasing, spire low); shell may have pigmented pattern.

Buttikoferi (Schepman) P. zenkeri (Martens) P. nyongensis Spence P. trochiformis (Clench) P. angulata Thiele P. kadeii Samé-Ekobo & Kristensen P. riperti Samé-Ekobo & Kristensen C. -B. C. exarata (Martens) C. elata Dautzenberg & Germain C. -B. C. langi Pilsbry & Bequaert C. johnstoni Smith C. mweruensis Smith C. smithi Ancey C. nsendweensis Dupuis & Putzeys C. -B. C. guillemei Bgt C. athiensis Verdcourt C. hemmingi Verdcourt Cleopatra bulimoides (Olivier) C. ferruginea (I. Lea) C. africana (Martens) C.

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