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Fire & Ice: Magical Teachings of Germany's Greatest Secret by S. Edred Flowers

By S. Edred Flowers

The Brotherhood of Saturn is one among Germany's such a lot mystery occult hotels and unknown to magicians of the English-speaking international. this is often the 1st examine of its internal files and workings. notice the interesting histories of its founders and leaders. Witness the advance of its magical ideals and practices and its banishment via the Nazi govt. The Saturnian course of initiation is printed in complete element.

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The period from 1957 to the date of Gregorius' death in 1964 was one of intensive activity and growth for the order, but the time between 1 9 6 0 and 1964 was apparently beset with various internal problems generally characterized as a power struggle between Gregorius and Grand Chancellor Amenophis. 32 Upon the death of the GM Gregor A. Gregorius in January of 1964, these internal conflicts became more acute. Discords and Harmonies Between the time of Gregorius' death and 1 9 6 9 there were numerous conflicts within the FS.

19 The Way of Saturn The path of Saturnian initiation is one often wrapped in darkness in which the initiate finds the light. It is one of solitude (as the FS has come to recognize the existential problem of modern humanity), which it has incorporated into its program. As an Doctrines of the Fraternitas Saturni / 39 order the FS provides a definite initiatory path and curriculum which is particular unto itself. Despite the recognition of the initiate's lonely path, the FS tries to provide a magical environment in which the individual can most clearly find his or her way to the Guardian of the Threshold—and beyond.

15 Here it is clear that the egregore is intended to work in a particular magical way. It is a kind of "battery" which can be charged with the psychic energy of the lodge. This "battery" is given a particular form, which acts as an access-key to its power. When members of the lodge have need of the accumulated and stored magical energy, they can "tap into" it if they have the proper ritual keys. In the ritual practice of the FS, the GOTOS is especially charged during the Easter Lodge when, through the formation of the magical Chain of Brotherhood, energy is circulated to the GOTOS.

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