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Feedback Circuits and Op. Amps by D. H. Horrocks

By D. H. Horrocks

Feedback circuits ordinarily, and op. amp. functions which include suggestions ideas specifically, playa crucial function in glossy digital engineering. This significance is mirrored within the undergraduate curriculum the place it's common perform for first-year undergraduates to study the rules of those matters. it truly is correct as a result that one of many educational courses in digital engineering be dedicated to suggestions circuits and op. amps. usually common suggestions circuit ideas are taught ahead of passing directly to op. amps., and the order of the chapters displays this. it really is both legitimate to coach op. amps. first. A function of the advisor is that it's been written to permit this method of be undefined, by means of deferring the examine of Chapters 2, four and five till the top. A moment characteristic of the advisor is the remedy of loading results in suggestions circuits contained in bankruptcy five. Loading results are major in lots of suggestions circuits and but they don't seem to be handled totally in lots of texts. Prerequisite wisdom for a winning use of the consultant has been saved to a minimal. an information of straight forward circuit thought is believed, and an less than­ status of uncomplicated transistor circuits will be helpful for a few of the suggestions circuit examples.

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34) Amb·--------~~~­ . C RIR2 +]W 2R R I + 2 Where Amb is the gain in the mid-band region at frequencies which are not high enough to cause the frequency response effect to be exhibited. The behaviour in the frequency regions of interest are: (a) Signal Frequencies Equal to the Half-Power Frequency (w = Wu = 27rju). The half-power frequency occurs when the modulus of coupling factor falls to 1/";2. 34, this happens when The treatment here is similar to that for the low-frequency effect. 1 )2] =";2- R IR 2 Rl +R2 From which Do this yourself.

W +]WI With increasing frequency the gain modulus of A now falls to zero more rapidly than for the case of a single frequency effect. ::21Jr. The Nyquist diagram in this case is shown in Fig. 8b. This illustrates a point which, in general, applies to any amplifier where multiple frequency effects occur. At some frequency the additional phase shift introduced because of the frequency-response effects may equal or exceed 180 0 • The significance of this is that an amplifier which has been designed to have negative feedback in the mid-band region can at some frequencies operate in positive feedback mode.

2 Show that if no load is connected across the output terminals of a voltage amplifier which has finite rinand rout, the measured voltage gain Ay is equal to the amplifier gain constant Ky. 3 A real amplifier is modelled using a voltage-controlled voltage source, Ky = 100, and resistances rin = 10 kO and rout = 5 kO. Derive equivalent representations of the amplifier using the other controlled sources. 4 If an amplifier has an ideal input resistance r in = 0 but a finite output resistance, only two of the representations of Fig.

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